English Language Projects

The English language, which takes its name from its origins as the native tongue of the people of England, is today the most widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken as a first language by a majority of the inhabitants of several nations, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

  1. Project Name Mods-GTAV (view website)
    Type Website
    Description Mods-GTAV is a modding site for GTA V content. We want to make it possible for people around the world to view our site in their own language. Contacting us will earn you a special mention on the website for helping us translate the site.
    Languages english german portuguese russian spanish


  2. Project Name Structural Beam PRO
    Type Mobile App
    Description This is an App For Beam calculations and structural utilities
    Languages english french german russian arabic basque bulgarian japanese korean norwegian portuguese romanian spanish swedish turkish ukrainian vietnamese


  3. Project Name Music Player - Music In Place (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description This audio player is a powerful, elegant and beautifully material designed mp3 player having 9 band equalizer with bass, virtualizer, and reverb. It should be translated so that more people from various countries can use it without any language barrier.
    Languages english afrikaans albanian arabic armenian azerbaijani basque belarusian bengali bosnian bulgarian catalan cebuano chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian czech danish dutch esperanto estonian filipino finnish french galician georgian german greek haitian-creole hausa hebrew hindi hmong hungarian icelandic igbo indonesian irish italian japanese kannada korean lao latin latvian lithuanian macedonian malay maltese nepali norwegian persian polish portuguese romanian russian serbian slovak slovenian somali spanish swahili swedish tamil telugu thai turkish ukrainian urdu uzbek vietnamese welsh yiddish yoruba zulu


  4. Project Name Piglet Run
    Type Game
    Description Piglet Run is a mobile game, an endless runner with a few twists. Please help translate it and I will add your name to the games credits section. Thank you so very much everyone.
    Languages english greek german georgian galician french finnish filipino estonian dutch danish czech croatian chinese-traditional chinese-simplified catalan bulgarian bengali belarusian basque azerbaijani armenian arabic afrikaans hebrew hindi hungarian icelandic indonesian italian japanese kannada khmer korean lao latvian lithuanian macedonian malay marathi mongolian nepali norwegian persian polish portuguese russian serbian slovak slovenian spanish swahili swedish tamil telugu thai turkish ukrainian vietnamese zulu


  5. Project Name nano
    Type Mobile App
    Description provides career options
    Languages english arabic bengali croatian filipino german gujarati hindi marathi nepali


  6. Project Name Daily Impulse
    Type Mobile App
    Description Daily Impulse — daily motivation, leading you to success! Every day we share thouroughly selected motivational quotes with you. By reading a great man's quotation you access his wisdom and energy, gaining an insight into his success.
    Languages english arabic chinese-traditional dutch french german italian japanese korean polish portuguese russian spanish swedish turkish ukrainian


  7. Project Name Ript (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description App for keeping fit with intense workouts. Many users request translations for better understanding app functionality. Thanks for helping me!
    Languages english arabic dutch french german greek portuguese russian spanish ukrainian chinese-traditional


  8. Project Name English for Kids (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description English for Kids is English language learning games for kids. Kids will learn English by playing attractive games.
    Languages english arabic croatian danish dutch estonian finnish french german greek hindi hungarian indonesian italian korean lao latvian lithuanian malay norwegian persian polish portuguese romanian russian slovak slovenian spanish turkish armenian bosnian bulgarian czech irish tamil ukrainian


  9. Project Name Place Finder (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description It shows nearby place. By translating app local people can take advantage.
    Languages english gujarati hindi


  10. Project Name hindi
    Description language translator
    Languages english hindi


  11. Project Name firsttry
    Type Mobile App
    Description for testing only
    Languages english german french


  12. Project Name Ocarina (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Ocarina app for Android with over 57K downloads. Even if the app looks intuitive, the "Settings" for this app is not. A lot of kids play this game and I don't think many of them can understand much of it.
    Languages english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional french german greek indonesian japanese korean norwegian polish portuguese russian swedish


  13. Project Name LoL Spy - league of legends live tracker application
    Description Lol Spy is a League of Legends live tracker app. It also includes champion lists, item lists and many more functions totally free - that's why we are looking for crowdsourced channels to translate to some of the main languages we're currently missing
    Languages english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional danish finnish norwegian swedish turkish


  14. Project Name Birding Notebook (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Birding Notebook is an Android app totally free that gives you the opportunity to share bird observations with the worldwide birder community. Translation will permit worldwide users to contribute more efficiently to the Birding Notebook project.
    Languages english chinese-simplified german italian japanese norwegian portuguese russian spanish


  15. Project Name Antivirus Pro for Android
    Type Mobile App
    Description This app is a free antivirus for android. It should be translated to reach more people without english language knowledge.
    Languages english filipino french german hindi indonesian portuguese russian spanish thai vietnamese


  16. Project Name Quickey Calculator (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Calculator for android phones and tablets. It needs the app description translated.
    Languages english bengali bulgarian croatian dutch filipino finnish hindi indonesian irish persian polish romanian swedish thai turkish ukrainian vietnamese


  17. Project Name Maths for Kids
    Type Mobile App
    Description This app is a mental arithmetic trainer for kids at primary school. Thanks for your help!
    Languages english afrikaans arabic bosnian bulgarian chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian czech danish estonian filipino finnish french german greek hebrew hindi hungarian icelandic indonesian italian japanese korean latvian lithuanian macedonian norwegian persian polish portuguese romanian russian serbian slovak slovenian spanish swedish thai turkish ukrainian vietnamese


  18. Project Name Baby Care Log (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description This app tracks and monitors the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your baby's growth and development. Record Bottle and Breast feeds, Baby Diapers, Baby Sleep, Breast Pumps, Growth Charts, Bathing, Medicines for your baby. It's free.
    Languages english spanish russian polish italian german french


  19. Project Name 100 Spots - player feedback (download game)
    Type Game
    Description in my first project for 100 spots, I forgot to include the user feedback upon scoring ! 100 spots is a one level puzzle game i made with my friend, the goal is to fill a 10x10 grid with 2 simple rules. it's a great challenging game.
    Languages english norwegian italian dutch


  20. Project Name 100 Spots (download game)
    Type Game
    Description it's a free puzzle game my friend an I built for iOS, we'd like to have it available for a larger audience. Thanks !
    Languages english dutch italian norwegian portuguese


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