Terms & Conditions

Updated: March 14, 2014

By registering at Ackuna, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions in its entirety:

Ackuna.com is owned by Ackuna Inc, a Delaware state S Corp.

Ackuna is a registered trademark by Alex Buran, its member.

By registering, posting content, participating in crowdsourcing, cloud voting, or any other activity conducted at Ackuna and its subdomains, you give the right to Ackuna to store your input, its translations, applicable details and make it searchable for an indefinite period of time.

You agree not to infringe on the business idea, trademarks, and patents of Ackuna Inc.

You agree to refrain from releasing products similar in nature that would compete either directly or indirectly with Ackuna.

You agree that your submissions for a free crowdsourced projects will go without any compensation to you. There is no obligation for Ackuna to review the submission, and there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.

When you post a private project, you agree to fullfil the payment obligation upon the project completion upon agreeing to a winning bid. A valid credit card should be stored on file. Bitcoins and PayPal are also accepted.

Severability: In case any of the clauses are found unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable from this Agreement and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provision.

By violating these Terms and Conditions, you give us the full right to pursue any possible legal remedies against you including fines, injunction, punitive damages, and other.

In the case of dispute, all trials will be held in New Jersey or Delaware State courts.