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Latest Projects

  1. Project Name Handy Diary (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Handy Diary is a simple diary app with a User Friendly interface. This diary contains all the features you need to follow your journal, including password access and data backup. You can record every moment of your life!
    Languages english japanese korean spanish

    segm'ts 260

  2. Project Name innermost (view website)
    Type Website
    Description ANONYMOUSLY share your thoughts, experiences, confessions, and questions you can’t share elsewhere and can't talk to anyone about. FREELY available iPHONE/iPAD, ANDROID & WEB-APP
    Languages english afrikaans albanian arabic azerbaijani basque belarusian bengali bosnian bulgarian catalan cebuano chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian czech danish dutch esperanto estonian filipino finnish french galician georgian german greek gujarati haitian-creole hebrew hindi hmong hungarian icelandic indonesian irish italian japanese javanese kannada khmer korean lao latin latvian lithuanian macedonian malay maltese marathi norwegian persian polish portuguese romanian russian serbian slovak slovenian spanish swahili swedish tamil telugu thai turkish ukrainian urdu vietnamese welsh yiddish

    segm'ts 127

  3. Project Name 2Numbers (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description 2Numbers is a simple arithmetic puzzle game where you have to compare two numbers and then determine which of the two is greater.
    Languages english danish dutch finnish french greek italian norwegian swedish

    segm'ts 22

  4. Project Name GR8CTZ for Chromecast (download game)
    Type Game
    Description GR8CTZ - Great Cities of the World - is an educational and addictive city guessing game. The Street View appears on a TV screen via Chromecast; you can look around and move about the city streets using your Android device as a controller.
    Languages english danish dutch french german italian portuguese russian spanish

    segm'ts 50

  5. Project Name Fipper
    Type Mobile App
    Description Tip Calculator
    Languages english chinese-simplified dutch french german greek irish italian japanese korean latin norwegian portuguese romanian russian spanish swedish turkish ukrainian vietnamese

    segm'ts 9

  6. Project Name Resolutions (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description This app helps you tracking resolutions you make and helps you motivate yourself when you see how much time has passed. Keep track of things like your last smoke, hangover or your last workout.
    Languages english french portuguese russian spanish

    segm'ts 38

  7. Project Name Kids Play & Learn (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Kids Play & Learn is a fun and colorful educational game for kids in the age 2 to 10. The game teaches your kid about colors, shapes, things that are related and opposites, counting, numbers, sounds, simple math and to tell the time.
    Languages english arabic chinese-simplified chinese-traditional danish french german hebrew hindi indonesian japanese portuguese russian spanish

    segm'ts 85

  8. Project Name iSongwriter (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description iSongwriter supports you make the ingenious song of your own. You can make a great song without knowledge of music. With the help of iSongwriter in music theory, make a nice song on your feelings.
    Languages english arabic chinese-simplified chinese-traditional dutch finnish french german italian japanese portuguese russian spanish

    segm'ts 83

  9. Project Name Jelly Monster Mania
    Type Game
    Description Jelly Monster Mania is a match 3 style game. As the name suggested the game has cute monsters that you have to arrange vertically or horizontally to gain points.
    Languages english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional french german japanese korean latin malay russian spanish

    segm'ts 25

  10. Project Name Flavor Split
    Type Game
    Description Flavor Split is a free to play casual browser game with 40 levels and roughly 40 to 60 minutes of play time. The game is currently in closed beta.
    Languages german english

    segm'ts 71

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