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Latest Projects

  1. Project Name Spheroku™ (download game)
    Type Game
    Description Spheroku™ Mobile Game is a radical next step in the evolution of sudoku puzzle. It combines the logic of sudoku with a three-dimensional experience reminiscent of the colorful Rubik's cube.
    Languages english arabic chinese-simplified chinese-traditional dutch german greek hebrew italian japanese korean norwegian spanish turkish

    segm'ts 82

  2. Project Name A To Z Monsters:Alphabet Learning for Kids (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description A to Z Monsters is a fun learning app which teaches children the alphabet through some really crazy monsters on the Ipad. These badly behaved monsters are full of fun animated actions and keep kids engaged and interested in learning the alphabet.
    Languages english french italian spanish

    segm'ts 4

  3. Project Name Clock Mate - The Alarm Clock (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Clock Mate is an innovative alarm clock for Android that ensures you wake up and get to work, with its awesome Shake-to-Wake feature. To set an alarm just rotate your finger round the on-screen circle, just as if it were a clock, and your alarm is set!
    Languages english chinese-simplified french german hindi japanese korean portuguese russian spanish thai vietnamese

    segm'ts 54

  4. Project Name AntiSpyware (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description One of our android security apps, download and try from attached link
    Languages english french german russian spanish

    segm'ts 37

  5. Project Name SkyDocs (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description The app helps to manage all your docs across all your cloud services on your iOs devices
    Languages english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional french german hebrew indonesian japanese korean portuguese turkish

    segm'ts 63

  6. Project Name Battery Joy (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Battery Joy is an iOS app for both iPhone and iPad which helps you take care of your battery. It can remind you to full drain your battery at least once a month, and it will also help you do so using a set of configurable drainers.
    Languages english arabic chinese-simplified chinese-traditional dutch french german greek hebrew hindi indonesian italian japanese korean norwegian polish portuguese russian serbian spanish thai turkish vietnamese

    segm'ts 24

  7. Project Name Ring Run Circus (download game)
    Type Game
    Description Ring Run Circus is the world’s first ring-former. Play in a dream world of connected circus rings, perform as three star acrobats, Nina, Ned and Nelson to solve skill-based puzzles.
    Languages english german japanese portuguese russian

    segm'ts 20

  8. Project Name Cat Care (download game)
    Type Game
    Description A Tamagotchi game, where you can raise a little cat
    Languages english indonesian polish russian

    segm'ts 5

  9. Project Name Attack of Domo (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description This is a cute hand-drawn Live Wallpaper featuring Domo - a brown monster that hatched from an egg and is a mascot and from a TV show in Japan.
    Languages english indonesian japanese spanish thai

    segm'ts 8

  10. Project Name addappt Store Description (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description addappt is an always up-to-date address book maintained by your friends. This project is for the description in the App Store. App project:
    Languages english french german portuguese spanish

    segm'ts 15

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