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Latest Projects

  1. Project Name Avocado Meal Planner (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Meal planning tool that is right now only translated to Swedish, but translation to other languages has been requested by many users. Contains quite a lot of strings to localize, so I'm hoping to get help from all you great translators out there! Thanks.
    Languages english danish finnish french german norwegian spanish


  2. Project Name Our Diary (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Our diary is an app that provides a historical reference for periods that each planet resides in each astrological sign from 1 AD to the current date.
    Languages english arabic catalan chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian czech danish dutch finnish french german greek hebrew hungarian italian japanese korean norwegian polish portuguese romanian russian slovak spanish swedish thai turkish ukrainian


  3. Project Name Car Logger
    Type Mobile App
    Description Car managment
    Languages french arabic english


  4. Project Name SMS Car Heater (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Android App to control the Webasto SMS Car Heater TC3. The App is free of charge without any advertising, 10% of the users are from Russia, but I#m can't speak it.
    Languages english french italian russian


  5. Project Name Pasa la Palabra (download game)
    Type Game
    Description Pasa la Palabra es un excelente juego de definiciones. Características del juego: - Miles de definiciones - Texto hablado - Reconocimiento de voz - 3 idiomas: español, inglés y francés - Roscos temáticos y rosco mixto
    Languages spanish catalan english french italian portuguese


  6. Project Name Periodic Table (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description This app is the best and most complete Periodic Table for Windows. Available for free, my goal is to provide all students and chemistry enthusiasts with a great periodic table in their language that fulfills all their needs.
    Languages english danish dutch greek hindi hungarian indonesian japanese korean russian tamil thai


  7. Project Name Sharkie - deletes screenshots on your iPhone (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description A fun little utility that will find and delete your screenshots from your camera roll. Sharkie intelligently searches through your Photo Library (including Photo Stream) to find screenshots that you have taken on your device.
    Languages english arabic chinese-simplified chinese-traditional danish dutch french german japanese korean vietnamese


  8. Project Name DrawTime - Draw a clock widget (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description DrawTime is a unique application that lets you create your own, fully customized clock widget using digits drawn by you! We made this app to help people to create their clock widget exactly as they want to. Thanks :)
    Languages english arabic danish dutch finnish french german greek italian japanese korean norwegian polish portuguese romanian russian spanish swedish turkish vietnamese


  9. Project Name Kites (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Kites is all about leaving messages at places around the world. The idea is to discover cool things to do or try (or even things to avoid) nearby by following your friends experiences. To get access please use 'ackuna' as the referral code when asked :)
    Languages english chinese-simplified chinese-traditional french german italian japanese portuguese russian spanish


  10. Project Name MiniExpenses 5.1 (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description An intuitive and practical money manager. Made for a daily usage, it would great to have it in different languages. Plus, I enjoy translating and I would willingly return the favor :) (Note: text inside <xliff:g> tags is not to be translated)
    Languages english croatian czech danish dutch estonian finnish french german greek hungarian icelandic latvian lithuanian norwegian portuguese romanian russian serbian slovak slovenian swedish ukrainian


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