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  1. Project Name Roball (download game)
    Type Game
    Description This is mobile arcade game when you need to drive the player via accelerometer. The translation is required for google play description to explain the idea and plot of the game to people whose native language is not English.
    Languages arabic chinese-simplified croatian czech dutch french german hindi italian japanese korean polish portuguese spanish


  2. Project Name Material Design Palettes (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description This App provides an easy way to design and preview Material Design Themes for Android Apps. Really useful for Android developers / designers. FREE! Thanks!
    Languages dutch french german italian polish portuguese russian


  3. Project Name Triventy (view website)
    Type Website
    Description Triventy is a game platform which enables event organizers to write, run and host live trivia games. At the event, the guests participate in the game using their smartphones - without any prior installation.
    Languages french german italian japanese russian


  4. Project Name Gordian Knots (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Gordian Knots is an app to go around the globe using the GPS functionality of iPhone.
    Languages arabic chinese-simplified dutch french german italian korean russian spanish swedish turkish


  5. Project Name MiniExpenses 7.0 (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description A practical and easy money manager for everyday usage. It needs translations to broaden the users base across Europe.
    Languages bulgarian croatian czech danish dutch estonian finnish french german greek hungarian icelandic latvian lithuanian norwegian portuguese romanian russian slovak slovenian swedish ukrainian


  6. Project Name Daryl (download game)
    Type Game
    Description I need the description of the game in all these languages for the PS Vita store.
    Languages danish dutch finnish japanese norwegian polish spanish swedish


  7. Project Name Money Counter (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description Money Counter helps users to calculate money with various input modes, load and save, and allow them change fields as they wish.
    Languages chinese-simplified french hindi italian japanese thai


  8. Project Name Tricky Maths (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description My app is a collection of 15 games and numerous maths exercises. It also have some tips and tricks for making calculations faster. In short, it is a very useful app, especially for students.
    Languages afrikaans albanian arabic armenian azerbaijani belarusian bosnian bulgarian catalan chinese-simplified chinese-traditional croatian czech danish dutch estonian filipino finnish french georgian german greek hebrew hungarian icelandic indonesian irish italian japanese korean lao latvian lithuanian macedonian malay mongolian norwegian polish portuguese romanian russian serbian slovak slovenian spanish swedish thai turkish ukrainian urdu vietnamese welsh zulu


  9. Project Name Cricket worldcup 2015 live scores (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description My app is a sports information related app, and i am getting many views from abouve i mention launguages regions, so if i translate the content to their local languages then it will help my app.
    Languages arabic bengali chinese-simplified chinese-traditional dutch french german hindi indonesian italian japanese kannada russian tamil telugu


  10. Project Name PlanMyDay (download app)
    Type Mobile App
    Description PlanMyDas is a time management app, currently translated in English and German. To get named in the Credits please send me a message.
    Languages arabic chinese-simplified chinese-traditional dutch french indonesian italian japanese norwegian polish portuguese punjabi romanian russian serbian spanish swedish vietnamese


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