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Name Claudia Botero
Location Bogota, Colombia
About My name is Claudia Botero and have been translating for about 24 years now. On very different topics with very good quality. I am Colombian, I live in Bogota, and my native language is Spanish. I translate from English into Spanish.
I am basically a translator but sometimes edit and proofread if asked to. I do what is called technical translation in a great variety of subjects.
Although I am biologist I am bilingual and that is why when I had to give up my carrier because of an illness I devoted to translation. Not only in topics I know, like Biology, Natural Science, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Environment but on subjects like Health, Technology, IT, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Food, Nutrition, and sometimes doing none paid translations like those for or Amara. net (translating videos for TED or Scientific America).
Now days I translate for costumers on-line, placing my bids. Mostly in,, and mostly for which provides its own platform.
I sometimes use Wordfast, Omega T, MateCat or SmartCat as CAT tools.
I am certified in translation by the Global Translation Institute for this language pair.
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