Let Ackuna help your app go global!

If you're a programmer, Ackuna can help you easily translate your app into over 150 languages.

If your app is only available in English, you're potentially only reaching about 26% of total internet users. By translating your app into the ten most popular languages for internet users, you can reach over 80% of all users on the internet. Your hits, downloads, and sales could more than triple!

How Ackuna can help.

Ackuna was built by developers, for developers. We currently support ten different file formats for uploading, parsing, and translating.

What does this mean for you? With minimal effort, you can set your project up to utilize various languages and locales. In fact, your project may be ready to accept more languages already!

Just upload your original text file to Ackuna and watch as our community of over 49800 translators converts your text to whatever languages you need.

When your project is finished, you can download the completed file in the original format you submitted. Ackuna remembers all your variable names and markup, so there's no need for additional formatting. Just add the file to your app and you're ready to go!

What formats does Ackuna accept?

Currently, Ackuna can accept and parse text in the following ten formats:

Apple iOS Strings format.
Android XML format.
Blackberry resource file format.
Java configuration file format.
YAML (Ruby).
ASP.NET Resource file.
.xls and .xlsx
Microsoft Office / Open Office spreadsheet.
Portable Object (GNU gettext file).
XLIFF XML Localization Interchange File Format.

Use whichever works best for your project!

So what are you waiting for?

Try Ackuna today (it's free) and start translating your apps instantly!

Still not convinced? Read more about how to prepare your project and what formats we support, or check out the FAQ for all the details.