Promote Your Project Tutorial

While Ackuna is a completely free-to-use crowdsource translation platform, occasionally you may want your project to stand out from the 100’s of other projects on Ackuna to get more notice from the translators and finish your job quicker.

When you might want to promote your project:

  • You noticed you are not getting many translations submitted or you noticed a drop off of submitted translations after a certain point.
  • You want to speed up the translation process.
  • You just want to be featured on the front page to promote your app/project in general.
  • Any other reason you can think!

For these reasons, we offer 3 low-cost ways to promote your project within our system.

Feature my project on the front page - $1.99/use

As you can tell, we have a lot of translation projects on Ackuna. As a result, sometimes your project can end up getting buried. Choosing this promotional option will put your project at the top of the list on Ackuna’s front page so more people will see your project as soon as they go to the website. Please note, however, that this is a first come, first serve option. In other words, as another user chooses this option, they will replace you at the top and push you down one level on the front page. You will remain on the front page until new users who ordered this option push you off.

There is no guarantee how long your project will be listed on the front page…however it should remain for at least a few days to a week or even longer, according to our current estimates. You can also always choose to re-list it for another $1.99 and start all over again at the top of the page!

Send email notifications to translators - $0.99/language pair

A more direct method to gain translator’s attention for your project is to email them directly about your project. Choosing this promotional option will automatically send out an email to all of the translators signed up to Ackuna in a particular language pair, informing them about your project and that you are in need of their assistance.

The emails are sent automatically through our system, so there is nothing you need to do on your end. They will also receive a direct link to your project on the site, so there is no need to worry about them finding it either.

Pre-translate my text with Google Translate - $0.002/word

Many translators on Ackuna prefer editing existing translations over translating from scratch, so by pre-translating your segments using Google Translate, it may help boost the number of translators willing to work on your project.

While Google Translate is still a machine translation, it is perhaps the best and most accurate machine translation available. The translation it provides will most likely not be 100% accurate, however the translators now editing your project will correct the parts that need correcting and will be grateful for the initial start!