Navigating the ‘At a Glance’ Interface

Whether you are new to Ackuna or a seasoned user, you may not be 100% familiar with all of the features in the layout of the At a Glance interface for translators. This guide is intended to shed some light on any questions you may have.

The At a Glance layout

When you click on the At a Glance layout option, you are presented with an interface that resembles the image above.

Column layout

The original text strings are located in the Original column to the left, and if there are any submitted translations, they will be displayed to the right under the Translation column.

Next to the translation column, are the ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Thumbs Down’ voting buttons. If there are any submitted translations for a particular segment, you can use these buttons to vote that translation up or down, depending on whether you approve or disapprove of the submitted translation. These votes are what determine whether or not a translation is accurate and, ultimately, accepted as a finished translation based on the number of up-votes.

Finally, if there are any translated segments that reached the required number of up-votes and have been accepted by the owner, a checkmark is displayed for that segment. Once a segment has been accepted, no additional translating or voting is required.

Display Options

Above the columns are the different options you can choose to view the text. Depending on what you feel like working on (translating, voting, editing, etc.), these options make it easier for you by only displaying what you want to see.

  • All
      This display option shows all of the text for the project.
  • Translated
      This display option shows only the text that has at least one submitted translation. You can choose to vote these translations up or down, and/or offer your own translation if you don’t feel it is correct.
  • Untranslated
      This display option shows only the text that has not had any translations submitted. You can choose this option when you want to offer your own translations.
  • Voted
      This display option shows only the segments that have a submitted translation, and at least one vote submitted as well. You can choose to either vote on the translation submitted as well, and/or offer your own translation.
  • Unvoted
      This display option shows only the segments that have no votes submitted. This will display segments that have translations submitted and segments that are still untranslated. You can choose to vote on the submitted translations (if applicable) and/or submit your own translations