Translation Methods

As part of our effort to provide translation services to meet every developer's need and price point, we offer a professional translation option as an alternative to our crowdsourced translation service.

But what's the difference between crowdsourced and professional translation? Check the table below and see which best suits your needs:

Crowdsourced Translation Professional Translation

Get crowdsourced translation

Get professional translation
Free! From $0.30 $0.30 / word
Limited time discount! Regular rate $0.30 per word.
Good quality
translations voted on by community
Best quality
translations by a single, professional translator
No timeframe
translations are submitted at will by volunteer translators with no guarantee of completion
Fast turnaround
translations completed in as little as a few hours to a few days, depending on complexity
translations are visible by anyone
only you and the translator see your text

When you're ready to submit your app for translation, keep these differences in mind. While previewing your project, you can select whichever option best suits your need, including the total price, before committing.